It’s 9 months since my hernia operation and this diary has languished because I’ve been busy re-engaging with the world.

I started writing it as the easiest and most unobtrusive way to keep friends, family and workmates informed of my progress through cancer treatment in 2012.  Thanks to everyone who posted comments to my postings, I didn’t expect the boost they gave me.  The diary was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone going through a prolonged illness, not least as a way to avoid the exhaustion of repeated explanations of what’s going on!

Now I’m moving on, I’ve decided to keep the 2012-early2013 postings password protected as they were flooding the internet with images which I’d rather didn’t persist.  I’m not just about having cancer!  A few people have asked if they can share the account with people facing cancer treatment and I’m delighted to help in this way.   So feel free to access the postings, using password: Tree33

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