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someone says climate change isn’t happening and is nothing to do with us.  Share this factoid with them:

The recent Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was produced by over 600 experts from 32 countries and was approved by the governments of 195 nations. It synthesises the results of over 9200 scientific publications and addressed 54,677 comments from 1089 reviewers. It is arguably the most thoroughly and rigorously reviewed scientific document in history. It concludes that the warming of the world is unequivocal and that over recent decades human actions have been the primary cause.                      Courtesy: Professor Chris Rapley at Imperial College, London University. Jan, 2014

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Take a look at these cartoons, courtesy the Royal Society of Arts.  Brilliant topics and beautifully portrayed.

Reimagining Work

The future of work – yessss – liberate and TRUST

How we view time – take a look at our northern hemisphere selves…

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Relatively few people knew that governments were meeting in Warsaw recently to work on the global climate agreement, due for sign-off in Paris in December 2015.  Exasperated environmental NGOs walked out of the meeting and the head of the Philippines delegation, Yeb Sano resorted to fasting to make his point that the Haiyan Typhoon devastation was caused by changing climate.  Even still there was an almighty struggle to keep negotiations on track, with governments retreating from the idea of commitments to softer wording around contributions.  On track maybe, but governments are not yet imbued with the determination to make you confident the final agreement will bring down increasing carbon emissions.

Given that I’m now a granny, my stake in the future has just shot out to around 2090..  I have a very direct interest in there being a successful agreement and liked the parting Warsaw message from Ida Auken, Denmark’s minister for the environment: “We want to make sure that those who come after us will also be able to enjoy the same wonders of life that we have … don’t forget to show people that you fight not because you deny life but exactly because you love it”.

Quite so..  get on the case of your local MP!