• Ice is arguably the most generous, the most flexible and the most satisfying customer loyalty programme in the UK, if not the world.  Ice brings together companies doing their best for the environment and rewards consumers generously when they buy from these companies.

The final phase of fund-raising for the current round is now underway and anyone interested in making an investment should email me directly.

I co-founded Ice and was the founding Executive Chair.  Luckily (given events of 2012) I stepped away from the frontline in the autumn of 2011 and became President and a non-executive director of the company. 

One thought on “Ice

  1. As a financial adviser I would like a prospectus and an update as to progress on investor subscriptions and commitments relative to the fund raising programme.
    Thanks in advance.

    Giles Chitty
    Transition Economist
    Nunton Drove
    SP5 4HZ
    Mob: 07810 537198
    Landline: 01722 330871

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