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The next time someone says climate change isn’t happening and is nothing to do with you.  Share this factoid with them:

The recent Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was produced by over 600 experts from 32 countries and was approved by the governments of 195 nations. It synthesises the results of over 9200 scientific publications and addressed 54,677 comments from 1089 reviewers. It is arguably the most thoroughly and rigorously reviewed scientific document in history. It concludes that the warming of the world is unequivocal and that over recent decades human actions have been the primary cause.                      Courtesy: Professor Chris Rapley at Imperial College, London University. Jan, 2014

As for this picture… I’ve always loved these shots of our beautiful planet – the light of the rising sun being caught in the earth’s atmosphere.   It’s a stark reminder of just how thin our atmosphere is – if you shrunk the planet to the size of an apple, then the atmosphere would be about the thickness of its skin.   Sobering thought – that’s all between us and that big, cold, uninhabitable outer-space.  We’re mad to mess with the atmosphere.  This image has been my working inspiration all my adult life – thanks to Kevin Kelly and the astronauts who sent the first of these shots home. http://www.thehomegalaxy.com/projects.php?id=30

Take time to watch this short, very beautiful film about astronauts sharing their thoughts on seeing the Earth from space https://vimeo.com/55073825

I started this diary as a way to keep friends and family posted with my cancer treatment in 2012.  That’s in the past now – hurrah – and hopefully never returns.  Looking forward, I was thinking of sharing my experience of these next two years as we head for a global agreement on climate change in Paris December 2015 but things are moving so fast and I have so much going on, I’m not managing to get to diary writing.  Please feel free to follow me on Twitter instead! @TessaTennant

We are messing about with the atmosphere in the most stupid way and I urge anyone coming to this page to get active and put pressure on our political representatives – local, national and international: we want them to reach a meaningful legally binding agreement.

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  1. Lovely idea to do this diary T. Its better than e-mails I think. Esp. given how many peeps must be worried about you.
    Big hugs.

  2. Thank you so much, Tessa, for setting up this wonderful site to link your friends into your journey. Wishing you very well through this next phase. Another friend who went through it recently found chemotherapy such a curious mix of the big themes in life with a huge amount of the physical and practical (days with on the left makes using a phone or iPad so much easier). Your image of handling the drip reminds me curiouslynof handling competing twists of Scaletrix handsets, which is featuring in your godson’s life right now.

    He and we liked this film. If you have six minutes, maybe give it a try


    All the very best and much love from us all in Shepherds Bush,


    • What a lovely clip and SO coincidental because I’ve been reading some favourite books which are all about living in the moment.. Thanks dear Rebecca for sweet messages and big hugs to my one and only Jacob!

  3. Tessa,
    Many thanks for keeping everyone up to date this way – and for writing it in such a positive, personal style (not that we would expect anything less from you).

    Take your time – come back strong.


  4. What a lovely way to communicate.Sounds as though your own your way through this adventure. We pray for you and know that all will be fine. Life is full of little bumps that make us aware who is in charge and why we appreciate every bit of life and cherish each day with new positive thoughts.

    Love you
    Mike & Marlyce

  5. I know what you are going through is very traumatic but I love the way you tell your story…it’s so funny and so tessa-esque. I hope the chemio goes well and to perhaps see you in july, health permitting. Lots of love, Alexxx. PS: Told you Hollande would win……

  6. Hello Tessa, I thought you are already pretty well. I pray for you and your family, including your new grandson.

  7. Hi Tessa,
    I wish you the very best through this challenging time.
    You mightn’t remember me but we met in London at solarcentury in 2000. I was a lost Sydney girl fresh out of uni. You helped me with some sustainability strategy development at the time, and left a lasting impression…as one swell inspirational woman. Thank you. (I’ve long wanted to say it, so when Jeremy told me of your blog I jumped at the chance..)

  8. Dear Tessa
    Just got the bad news. Very sorry to hear. Wishing you the very best from the mountains and sending you lots and lots of good energies!

  9. Hi Tessa, I’ve been following all your blog posts from Hong Kong and Taiwan. I hope you can continue to take it easy and can get to enjoy lots of high quality granny time with William. For instance lying lazily about on a rug somewhere sunny and letting him crawl about nearby in the dirt and eat some of it is a good starting point for an enduring love of nature, based on my kids experience. Eco-books can come later. Take very good care xxx David

  10. If anyone is going to be The Most Inspirational Woman on the Globe during our lifetime it is you Tess! – and inspite of this horrid tough chapter you still write this extraordinary diary of words and thoughts and share your journey in such a way I know you and your support team and us readers are so in AWE of you and are praying for you throughout – go granny extraordinaire!

  11. Good Monring Darling Tessa
    I trsut that you continue to grow stronget with each passing day and that the victor of this battle is you.
    I have finally left BUBIC on Friday just gone and had the most beautiful leaving do. Friends and colleagues from near and far came to wsh me well, bedecked with cards and presents. The next couple of weeks will find me at home, resting and preparing to start my new job with the Global Infusion Group. I will be joing a team who will be looking after the Olympics and beach volley will be the main area of my focus, feeding the althletes, the VIPs and family. Quite a departure from where I have been with BUBIC, and the first step toward my plans to live on Antigua. All change here and I am delighted with this change too. Do take care and Love to Bill. xx

  12. Tessa,
    Just heard your news (information takes time to travel so far north) and just wanted to send tons of love and big sloppy hugs


  13. Hi there Tessa,

    I am new to your diary and have just read over your last three months. It is so sad and beautiful at the same time, and I’m sure you don’t always feel like writing. But you of anyone knows you get what you give and it all goes round. So I’m sending some big strong warm thoughts all the way from the Blue Mountains in Australia to the green mountains of Scotland and wishing with all my might that you are soon past the worst. Lots of love Tessa, and hope you get to see Walkabout to the end one day! Louxxx

  14. Dear Tessa,
    Many thanks for guiding me to your message world. Tessa… I cannot find a word to express my deep feeling. You are always my shining star since I have got to know you more than a decade ago. I like your very positive natural energy. Stay as you are, and we will be with you. Much love, Makiko

  15. Dearest Tessa,
    You are amazing – all this shining you do! I read your days with much love and warmth. You are so very generous to share experiences that many of us will or have had, and so simply and honestly. You are such an amazing force for good! All my love alisonxxx

  16. Tessa-I am an old friend of Andrew Brown and we met only a few times when I lived in Edinburgh.I just want to wish you all the best and send you my thoughts today.I have often remembered with great fondness the times we met at Glen and at Andrew’s flat.Take care,fondest regards,Gavin

  17. Dear Tessa
    I have only just found out about your challenges, news travels slow to Australia (or at least to me)! I have always found you to be a most inspiring person and greatly admire all the things that you have accomplished so far in your career. I cannot start to fathom the innovation that you are planning for the future – especially now that you have had some contemplation time. So with these qualities I am sure you will be fighting tooth and nail to get successfully through your current predicament. I hope it gives you strength to know that people from all around the world are rooting for you.

  18. Tessa

    I had been meaning to get in touch after we saw each other after so many years at the Andersons (itself now a few years ago). Then, when I finally got around to it, I find your blog and all the grim times you have been through recently. Just to say, as I see everyone else does and from my distant but not dim memories of you, that if ever there was a person who can fight all this, it is you. Do get in touch when you are well.


  19. We were thinking of you particularly while enjoying our lovely tropical Polly this year. Well done on your journey. Love to you both. Tootie, Amy and Thomas

  20. Dear Tessa, I don’t know if you remember me, but I do you. You were in my thoughts and I don’t know why. I am now very aware. My prayers are with you, and will remain so.

  21. Dear Tessa, having just spent a week in Scotland I cannot imagine anywhere better for you to recover and to find your strength. As it happens I was up in Peebles last week to visit Horsbrugh Castle on my way up to the 19th International Annual Porridge Championships in Carrbridge. There is a special connection to you since we used spurtles bought from Traquair House on the internet, and, as you may remember, I first met Catherine and visited Traquair House during the Easter weekend spent with you in 1991. Since this spurtle played a significant role in the totally surprising win (www.goldenspurtle.com) it must confirm that there is a special energy in the Inverleithen area – since I really can’t figure out why I won. So I’ll dedicate the victory to you and hope that the power of traditional scottish oatmeal porridge will help you on the way to a full recovery! I’ll also be thinking of you when presenting the new sustainability strategy to my MDs next week. Take care, and lots of love Ben

  22. Dear Tessa, I’m Moonsun, Daewoong Lim’s wife. 🙂 Daewoong told me about your operation a while ago, and I was so shocked and worried. It seems that you’re doing very well, so I’m happy for you. Also congratulations you’ve become a granny! My memory of you comes back to me from time to time and makes me feel real good. In short, you’re a great inspiration. I wish you all the best. I’ll try to keep abreast of postings here. Have a good one! (And, thank you again, forever!, for letting us use your London flat back in 2008. We had a wonderfule time there!)

  23. Dear Tessa,
    Great to read you seem to be coping pretty well with all the treatments, it can’t be easy. If you feel that a good laugh would do you both the world of good, please come along to our Dukes of Uke concert at the Eastgate theatre this Friday at 7.30pm. Its our ukulele band from Biggar singing a blend of really well known songs linked to a comedy story about “The quest for the Golden Ukulele”, it will hopefully be just what you need.
    Hope to see you both.
    Cheers for now
    Contraction & Convergence John

  24. Clare and I think oft on thee and thine, but I am not as cool on the electronic communication as your wonderful blog. We send much love as aye.
    I have pause now: a sore bum from Total Hip Replacement on 17 Jan and not therefore jazzin’ around so much as watching the snow melt from the couch in the sitting room at home, Wrenfield, to reveal great clumps of aconites. However, on post op day 15 I can walk 55% of the way to the local (Radnor Arms) Looks like I could get me a pint of the Bishop’s Tipple or even Tanglefoot by Sunday! With that inside me I might never get back without the help of a couple of sturdy sons!
    I think your review is about now (Imbolc/Candlemass I hope augurs well) and that by Beltane your stock will trip happily out between the purifying Beltane fires onto the hillside!

    Love, love, love! It really is all you need.

  25. Dear Tessa:
    I was wondering why I had not seen you at SRI/governance events over the past year, and until I stumbled across your blog, I was unaware of your medical issues.
    First, let me say how wonderfully you have written about your experiences, as I am sure it was not an easy process, and my wife Debbie, who is a Nurse Practitioner, also admires your courage and grace. Second, I want you to know that myself, Debbie and and our family are keeping you in our prayers for continued success in your recovery!
    We moved last April to the UK, finally taking advantage of my dual Irish/USA passports to work here in the city of Bath, originally for Maplecroft, the country ESG risk rating firm, and now on my own (hopefully just only temporarily!)
    If your travels take you and Bill near Bath, we would love to have you stop in and visit, and we even have an extra bedroom to put you up in, with a great view from the window of the Royal Crescent across the street! We got it so our son Andrew could visit (he is the one who went to St. Andrews), but he is quite busy living and working for a member of Parliament in London, so the room is thus free for great high quality people like you to use!
    Best regards, and let’s say in touch,
    Peace, John

  26. To re-iterate that this blog is a great idea – I come back and read it every month or so.

    This time, I was motivated by interviewing somebody and asking them the question: Who in SRI has inspired you most?

    I then asked myself the question and came up with your name as the answer. But why? We’ve never worked directly together and have probably only met 20 times or so in our lives.

    The answer that I’ve given myself to the question: “For me, it has to be Tessa Tennant for her ability to seek out the highest barriers and then to find the sheer determination to scale them in distinctive style.”

    Seems to apply to so many aspects of your life. Best wishes.

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